Ashura Marketing Solutions


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About Us

Ashura Marketing Solutions was founded by Anu Irri and Mason Schiefelbein. After graduating college and working in business and marketing, the two found themselves looking for a company focused on helping smaller businesses. With their vision in mind, they created Ashura Marketing. Through Mason's love of business and social media and Anu's passion for the creative arts and community engagement, they have created a service that businesses can take pride in.

Ashura values relationships between our clients. We hope to not only build your brand but form a lasting partnership.

Originally from upstate NY, Anu received her Bachelors in Theatre Arts Management from Ithaca College. She spent her four years of college working on Ithaca College's Theatre Arts marketing team where she gained experience in social media, promotions, and publicity. Anu enjoys hiking, cooking, and playing with her dog, Luna.

Hikari Leon

Graphic Designer

Originally from West Chester, PA Hikari graduated from Ithaca College with major in Television and Radio and a minor in Marketing. She has worked with major digital media companies where she gained experience in graphic design. In her free time, Hikari enjoys dancing, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.

Anu Irri


Growing up in the Raleigh area, Mason received his Bachelors in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. He has a solid background in business development and management. He enjoys surfing, running, playing guitar, and martial arts.

Mason Schiefelbein